I won't live long, and I'm full of rot.


"You may be free in what your tiny schoolbook minds know as freedom, but you tell me who’s free. Are you more free than me? I’m a hundred different things; I’m a glass of water, a grain of sand, a guitar, a rattlesnake, a young girl, an eagle, a cactus in the desert sun.
I can be all that, but all you can be is the one simpleton human that you are. You have no thoughts of your own, just what others have programmed in you.
The world is awash in a black plague of selfishness. Everybody spends their every waking second chasing after what’s best for them and them alone. They’re all lost. Ignore this and we will all die.
And even when you’re dying, you continue to reach out with your shriveled fingers to grab little pieces of green paper with dead peoples’ pictures on them.”
– Charles Manson
(Source: Taming the Beast)

Esao Andrews - Virile Influenza, 2008       Paintings: Oil